New For 2017

Shavuah Sababa:

A whole “week of awesome” during second session on August 6-10. You’ll get the opportunity to spend a whole week learning and exploring some amazing new activities!

These include; Yoga with Moksha Yoga’s Marisa, Epic Drone videos with David, Mighty Magic with Jonah, Cook the Rainbow with Miriam, Song Writing with Evan, Wacky Engineering with Reuven, & High Flying Arial Gymnastics with Taliya

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New Renovated Hockey Court:

Playing on the hockey court with new friends is the best way to spend an afternoon at camp! Our hockey court has been completed renovated to match state-of-the-art court standards.

Paddle Board Program:

Our new Stand Up Paddle Board Program features amazing new boats that allow our chanichim to enjoy the agam under the supervision of our highly trained staff!

Camp Ramah in Canada