Rising 5th graders (Arazim) through rising 9th graders (Magshimim) are welcome on Masa BaTeva!

July 25, 2022- August 18, 2022. We are also offering a shorter Masa BaTeva program for campers currently in Grade 5 or 6: July 25-August 7.

$6700, register before March 1, 2022 for $6250. We are also offering a shorter Masa BaTeva program for campers currently in Grade 5 or 6: July 25-August 7 ($3800).

On Masa BaTeva, about half of your camper’s time will be spent on site at Camp Ramah in Canada, and half of their time will be spent out of camp on camping and canoe trips. These trips will take place on Camp Ramah’s private island and lakefront campsites and in Ontario’s beautiful national parks.

Take a peek at our sample daily schedule HERE!

Take a peek at our session overview calendar HERE!

While in camp, Masa BaTeva campers’ days will center around skill building, community connection, and character growth through spending time in nature, and Jewish experience. Campers will have access to our new high ropes, aerial, repelling, and climbing tower, will develop canoe and swim skills in the agam (lake), will bike, fire build, and learn how to camp. There will also be opportunities for Masa BaTeva campers to join in on some classic camp activities, like boating, waterskiing, arts and crafts and sports. There will be a Jewish framing (including prayer and mindfulness practices) to open and close our days, and Jewish learning will be integrated into our nature and outdoor skill learning. 

In the first week of Masa BaTeva, campers will experience a 1-2 day lake trip, where they will begin to build paddling, hiking, and wilderness exploration skills. In the second week, campers will participate in a 3 day backpacking or climbing trip (details TBD), where they will continue to build wilderness skills, take their rock climbing skills outside of camp, and connect with nature. In the third and final week of Masa BaTeva, campers will participate in a 4-7 day culminating canoe trip, guided by our partners at The Trip Shed

We are excited to meet our Masa BaTeva chanichim (campers), and will build a program that suits their needs and their goals for skill building, growth, and personal development.

Campers can participate in the first session of classic camp at Ramah (June 29-July 24) and then stay for Masa BaTeva (which runs during Ramah’s second session). Alternatively, campers can also join just for Masa BaTeva! There is a special rate of $11000 for this 1st session + Masa BaTeva option (reduced from $13,350).

We are also offering a shorter Masa BaTeva program for campers currently in Grade 5 or 6: July 25-August 7 ($3700).

Depending on enrollment, Masa BaTeva campers will live in dedicated cabins, with two age groups mixed together in a cabin, by gender. Masa BaTeva campers will be known as their own separate age unit/edah: נוסעים/Nos’im (Journeyers)

There will be some overlap with classic camp when it comes to various peulot erev (evening programs), meals, camp-wide activities, and Shabbat, as well as some opportunities to join classic camp for some specialty activities like arts and woodworking. Otherwise, Masa BaTeva campers will enjoy a schedule entirely unique to their group!

Both at camp and while away on trip, Masa BaTeva community tefillah (prayer) and reflection will open and close our days, and chinuch (Jewish learning) will be integrated into our nature and outdoor skill learning. Masa BaTeva campers will learn Jewish texts, stories, and rituals through the lens of wilderness exploration. Each of our trips (masa’ot) will have a Jewish theme and integrated curriculum that will support character and identity development and will map on to the experience of the trip. 

Campers do not need to come in with any background in Jewish learning or Hebrew; prayer experiences will be accessible and designed to maximize experience and meaning for all participants.

On Masa BaTeva, we meet campers where they’re at and help them grow and build toward their personal best. No previous background in wilderness, camping or Jewish skills required!

Join one of our regular informational sessions over Zoom to learn more and meet our team! Email lara@campramah.com to find out when our next info session will be!

Easy! You can go to https://campramah.com/ and click on “Register Now.” You will register through Ramah Canada, and select “Masa BaTeva” when asked which session you would like to attend. Once your application is complete, Aviva will be in touch about next steps.

We didn’t answer your questions here? Check out our Classic Camp FAQ. Left with lingering questions? Please reach out to lara@campramah.com