Plan For Operation

General Information: Although operating camp safely and responsibly while COVID-19 still circulates in our communities is a challenge, we are confident that with the active partnership of everyone in our community, we will be successful and remain open! We are asking you to proactively choose camp, especially in the weeks prior to opening.


  • Current COVID-19 Guidance for Overnight Camps:  The Ministry of Health specifies that if one person tests positive with COVID at camp, the whole cohort must go home for 14 days of isolation. We are hopeful that these rules may become less restrictive prior to opening camp, however we must operate under the current rules.


  • Camper/Staff Family Obligation: It is vital that each of us does everything possible to keep our campers COVID-free before camp. We know choices will sometimes be difficult– our children have been through so much this year!  We are asking that when there are decisions about “get togethers” or travel or picnics, etc., everyone remembers our end goal is camp. Though there may be difficult choices in the short term, when our children are thriving at camp we know they will be grateful. It is every camp parent’s responsibility to help keep every child healthy at camp.


  • Testing: We will provide more details about testing in the coming weeks, including: what kinds of tests, where to get them, etc, as we know more. We are doing our best to minimize the use of nasopharyngeal (far back of the nose) swabbing for in camp screening, but some may be needed. Note: Staff will receive a separate communication in the next week with details on timing and logistics for staff testing pre-camp.


  • COVID Infections Since April 8, 2021: If you had a COVID infection within 90 days from the start of camp (April 8, 2021), you may not require testing. Please contact the camp office:

Opening Plan Highlights:


  1. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: COVID-19 PCR Test 11-14 days before camp begins (i.e. June 23-25): Campers who test COVID Positive at drop off (see below #4) will not be able to enter camp. Early testing will make this as avoidable as possible.
  2. Self-Isolation: We are asking all campers to isolate at home, as best as possible (not including school), for the 14 days before camp begins on July 7th. All social gatherings, even outdoors, puts your camper and others at risk of contracting COVID-19 and missing time at camp.
  3. Mandatory PCR Test Before July 7 Opening: Every camper will need a PCR Test 48-72 hours before Camp opens (testing on July 4 or 5). This highly sensitive PCR test is the “gold-standard” for detecting COVID.
  4. Mandatory Day of Drop-Off Testing: Camp will offer rapid testing stations in Toronto and at camp on July 7th.
  5. Cohorting: Campers will be placed in cohorts for the first 14 days of camp, referred to as “Zman Aleph.” Campers will not need to be masked or distanced within cohorts, but will need to practice masking and distancing when outside of their cohort.
  6. Ongoing Monitoring and Testing: We will conduct daily health screenings throughout the summer to stay vigilant for signs of COVID and will conduct additional testing during Zman Aleph and beyond.
  7. Adherence to Camp Policies on Masking and Distancing: All campers and staff must adhere to the policies and protocols set by Camp Directors and the medical team of camp. These policies and protocols may change as we adapt to a changing reality.
  8. Positive COVID Tests: According to MOH Guidelines, any camper or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19 will be quarantined and must leave camp within 24 hours. Current MOH Guidelines indicate that the entire cohort must go home as well. As of now, both the camper who tested positive and the cohort will be allowed to return to camp after 14 days, pending approval of Camp’s medical team.
  • Time in quarantine will act as a credit towards a 14 day extension beyond the scheduled end date for those campers not registered for the full summer.
  • Credit may be transferred to a sibling to extend their stay.
  • If neither option is possible, credit may be applied towards Summer 2022, at an amount set by camp at the conclusion of Summer 2021.
COVID Surcharge: We will assess a $350 COVID Surcharge on each camper to help cover the extensive costs of testing and adapting camp to run safely.


(Campers who receive scholarship support will receive a communication in the coming weeks with more information on this surcharge).


Six-Week Session: The cost of our existing Six-Week Session is $8550+HST.  Campers registered for the full summer will automatically be refunded at this rate.

Updated Refund Policy for 2021

  1. All payments are due in full, by June 6 (extended from May 31).
  2. Camper cancellations by June 6, for any reason, will receive a full refund. Cancellations will not receive refunds after that date.
  3. As of June 7, in the event that camp is cancelled, delayed, or closed, Camp Ramah in Canada will do everything possible to mitigate costs and losses. However, with many fixed costs already incurred, there will be an impact on the amount of refunds that may be provided by camp.