Our specialty programs include Yom Sport (Colour War), Shavua Sababa (“Week of Awesome”), Yom Balagan (Carnival Day), Camping Trips, and Plays!


Our camp Colour War, Yom Sport, is one of the highlights of our First Session. Campers are divided into four teams, where they dress up in their team colours, paint their faces, and compete against each other in a day of ruach and friendly competition. Organized and led by our CIT’s (Alonim), Yom Sport teaches campers of all ages how to work in teams and develop leadership skills, while having the time of their lives! Whether you’re a returning camper or new to Ramah, Yom Sport is a memorable experience for all!

Shavua Sababa

Shavuah Sababa (“Week of Awesome!”) is a mini-camp embedded within our Second Session led by visiting professional instructors. The high level of instruction during Shavuah Sababa challenges our campers to master skills they never thought possible. This year’s Sababa activities include;

Yoga with Moksha Yoga’s Marisa | Epic Drone videos with David | Mighty Magic with Jonah | Cook the Rainbow with Miriam | Song Writing with Evan | Wacky Engineering with Reuven | High Flying Arial Gymnastics with Taliya
This is a week you DO NOT want to miss!
Make sure you’re signed up for 2nd month

Yom Yisrael

Yom Yisrael (“Israel Day”), is one of the highlights for our Israeli staff and campers in first session! It is an educational and exciting day, planned by our Israeli staff, to teach our chanichim more about Israeli culture, history and our connection to the land. Chanichim enjoy Israeli dancing, food and exciting games! Click here to watch a video about Yom Yisrael!

Yom Balagan

Yom Balagan (“Carnival Day”), is one of the highlights for our campers in second session! It is a fun-filled day, planned by our Alonim Edah, which includes carnival activities, slides and more! Our campers cool down by the water slide, enjoy tasty watermelon treats, and jump on the bouncy castle! Click here to watch a video about Yom Balagan!

Camping Trips

One of the unique features of Camp Ramah in Canada is our extensive tripping program. The tripping program is designed to give campers new experiences in the great outdoors, to teach them about Judaism’s connection to nature and the environment, and to challenge them both mentally and physically. While our younger campers enjoy overnight cookouts on the lake, our older campers choose from 4, 5, and 6-day canoe trips in one of the local provincial parks for which the Muskoka region is so famous. Click here to watch a video about our camping trips!

Edah Plays

Camp plays are fun musical productions that are performed in Hebrew in front of the entire camp. Each edah is responsible for practising their lines, learning their songs and dances, and designing incredible sets — all with the support of our wonderful Drama staff. To view plays performed in past years, click here.