The Tikvah Progam

For over 20 years, Camp Ramah has offered an overnight summer camping experience for Jewish children ages 12-21 with special needs. Our goal is to provide these children with the same summer camp opportunities as children without disabilities, and to form a community where everyone learns the values of diversity, acceptance, and inclusion. Our Tikvah program has a profound impact on our entire camp community as well as on the participants themselves. Campers are encouraged to have fun, explore and shape their Jewish identities, and become active participants in the Jewish community. To inquire about our Tikvah program, please email our Tikvah Directors, Casey and Adam Green, at or call 416-789-2193.

Multi-Sensory Learning

Tikvah Campers learn and grow by participating in daily prayers, swimming, chugim (electives) like arts and crafts and cooking, Israeli dancing and singing, sports, and Jewish learning. Bunk life and various trips provide our campers with opportunities to learn skills associated with daily living and to gain independence.

Socialization & Inclusion

There are two cabins for our 18 campers in Tikvah (9 males and 9 females). Throughout each day, there are numerous formal and informal opportunities to interact with all campers at Ramah, including “buddy” programs with our campers entering grade 10. Campers in Tikvah participate in all camp-wide activities, perform in a play and in a Friday evening Shabbat service.

Vocational Opportunities

Tikvah campers who are between the ages of 18 – 21 also spend time each week participating in vocational opportunities, with an emphasis on developing and improving their independent living skills. Campers have worked in the office, nursery, kitchen, water ski dock, and tuck shop, among other areas.

Jewish Living

Like all Ramah campers, participants in the Tikvah Program are fully immersed in Jewish life and Hebrew language. From spirited, musical morning prayers to daily interaction with Israelis, Hebrew singing and Israeli dancing, campers in Tikvah enjoy the beauty of their religion and culture.

Health & Safety First

Specially-trained counsellors and senior staff monitor each campers’ special needs, from seizures to allergies to mobility issues. Counsellors assist as needed with self-care, and our medical staff are always available as issues arise. The camp doctor, nurse and Tikvah Directors carefully manage health, medical and medication issues.

Parents of Tikvah Campers

The Tikvah Directors, Casey and Adam Green, are in close contact with parents. Through weekly newsletters and frequent e-mails and calls, the directors work collaboratively with parents and other team members such as therapists and physicians. Campers write home and eagerly await letters and e-mails from their parents.

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