A summer at Camp Ramah is spent immersed in Jewish living – highlighted by dynamic and innovative programming. Traditional camp and outdoor activities, including swimming, sports, and art, are enhanced by Ramah’s dedication to excellence in informal Jewish education. Ramah instills in its campers and staff a love of Judaism, the Jewish people, Israel, and the outdoors by combining a love for camping with meaningful Jewish experiences. Since 1960, Camp Ramah in Canada has transformed the lives of more than 10,000 children and young adults, strengthening our community and developing the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Your donations make a significant difference to our community. Thank you for investing in the leaders of tomorrow.

Make your child’s birthday more meaningful this year!

ECHOage is an organization that helps kids support a charity of their choice during their birthday party. Instead of bringing gifts, party guests are encouraged to make a payment on the Echoage website. Half of that goes towards an awesome gift for the birthday child and the other half gets donated to a charity.

The Camp Ramah Scholarship Program is one of the charities that you can choose from!

How it works:

  1. Go to www.echoage.com and set up your birthday party invitation.
  2. Pick 1 or 2 presents that you really want this year.
  3. Birthday guests will be instructed not to bring presents. They will contribute towards your gift and donate directly on your ECHOage page! 50% goes towards your gift fund and 50% goes towards supporting Camp Ramah.

Let us know:

Email [email protected] letting me know that you are having an ECHOage birthday party and that you are choosing to support Camp Ramah. We will send you a special Ramah Tuck Coupon that you will be able to cash in this summer.

Check out out Ecard store! Celebrate friends and family, while supporting Ramah Canada!

For our Canadian Store click HERE!

For our U.S. Store click HERE!

Reaching the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an exciting life milestone that comes with a new set of responsibilities, including the obligation to give Tzedakah.

Here are a few ways to consider supporting Camp Ramah during your Bar/Bat Mitzvah:


  1. Ask guests to make a donation to the Camp Ramah Annual Campaign in your honor.
  2. Sponsor a camper to come to camp. 30% of Ramah campers access financial assistance to be able to come to camp each summer. Support a camper to be able to spend a summer at Ramah.
  3. Work with Aily to come to pick a specific and meaningful project and donate a set amount of money to fund that project.
  4. Center Pieces in Support of Camp. Find out from Aily a specific need that camp has for the upcoming summer (for example: sports equipment), purchase these items, and make them into creative centerpieces that will be donated to Camp Ramah after the Bar/Bat Mitzvah event.

Any gift to Camp Ramah in honor of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah is appreciated!

For all questions relating to supporting Camp Ramah during your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, contact Development Associate, Aily Leibtag [email protected]  416-789-2193 ext. 2511.

A Planned Gift is a gift you choose to commit to now, but which is realized in the future.

Planned Giving provides a unique opportunity to arrange your future support now by designating a future gift to Camp Ramah in Canada through a variety of tax-deductible provisions.

If you have any questions regarding Planned Giving in support of Camp Ramah in Canada

please contact Director of Development, Messodie Carter at 416-789-2193 x.2138 or [email protected].

Otherwise, please make cheques payable to:

Camp Ramah in Canada



or EMAIL our Director of Development.