A summer spent at Camp Ramah in Canada is a powerful and memorable experience for campers, as well as the young adults who work with them.  We hire both counsellors and specialists: counsellors who serve as primary caregivers, and specialists who serve as skilled instructors in various areas around camp. 

At Ramah, staff members are charged not only with the responsibility of being caregivers and skill-builders but also of being accessible Jewish role models. We take pride in our exceptional 3:1 camper to staff ratio and personally screen and select only the most qualified and committed tzevet (staff) each summer, a large majority of whom were Ramah Canada campers. 

Our extraordinary team of Hanhallah (head staff),  is composed of more experienced staff members and they play an integral role in pre-camp staff training, staff supervision throughout the summer, and ongoing support to staff and campers.  Our first-year staff are at least university age and are highly trained to care for the health, safety, and growth of our campers.  

We are proud that over 85% of our staff attended Ramah as campers, and have therefore grown up in our culture of leadership development – as Counselors-in-Training, as Yom Sports leaders, or as leading the camp in ruach (spirit) or Shabbat song. Their connection to Ramah and to the Jewish community is both professional and personal and serves to deepen their devotion to ensuring the highest quality camping experience for every camper. A summer on staff at  Camp Ramah in Canada leaves our tzevet with invaluable, life-long skills, and strengthens their professional and interpersonal development.