Camp Ramah is committed to serving a diverse population. We feel strongly that the Ramah experience should be made available to every family, regardless of their capacity to pay. We have a generous scholarship program and raise a significant amount of money each year in order to accommodate as many scholarship requests as possible. Be sure to inquire with your synagogue and school, as many of our community partners also have scholarship programs or financial incentives for first-time Ramah campers.

We are pleased to let you know that Camp Ramah in Canada is now partnering with the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto to ensure that all Jewish children in our community have the opportunity to experience Jewish summer camps.

NOTE: The Scholarship portal will open on October 24th. Please submit your application as soon as possible after that date. Questions? Email Netta Zweig at


With projected camp scholarship needs increasing by 50% for summer 2023, UJA has implemented expanded, needs-based scholarships, funded by UJA and delivered in partnership with its affiliated Jewish summer camps, including Camp Ramah in Canada. This means that, thanks to UJA’s support this year, there will be more scholarship funds available for GTA families for Kayitz 2023.

Part of this change includes moving to a secure online portal, UJA Community Scholarships, for summer 2023 financial assistance applications. In future years, this system will centralize the application process. This will enable GTA families who apply for financial aid for synagogues, day schools, Israel programs, and supplementary schools or camps to easily apply for aid from other organizations without having to complete new applications for each organization. This has the goal of opening more of Jewish life in the GTA to more families — Ramah is proud to participate in this far-sighted communal project.

Please encourage your friends in the GTA who have not attended Ramah in the past to especially consider camp for this summer!


Thanks to our ongoing partnership with UJA Federation — Toronto, we will be moving to a secure online portal, UJA Community Scholarships, for all summer 2022 financial assistance applications. While this portal is designed for the Toronto area, it is open to all Camp Ramah in Canada families – wherever you may live — and will be the one portal we use for all of our families.

All scholarship awards are assessed and determined by a confidential Camp Ramah in Canada scholarship committee. Personal and financial information is kept secure and confidential and is not shared with the UJA Toronto.



Please complete the form in its entirety. Please save your work as the login will time out after 15 minutes. Only one application is needed per family. Divorced or separated families should apply separately. Add each child separately.


Scholarship applications are processed on a rolling basis. Scholarship funds are limited, please apply soon after the camper application is submitted.


An application to Camp Ramah in Canada for 2023 must be submitted and approved for each child referenced in the Form before the application can be processed.


The required tax documents must be uploaded to the application in the portal. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Director of Finance and Operations Mitch Small (416) 789-2193 Ext 2510 or email


Both parents or guardians must electronically sign the Form. For single parent households, a signature from the primary parent or guardian is acceptable, along with an explanation attesting to financial responsibility.


The Scholarship Committee will not consider a Scholarship Application where a family owes money from a previous Camp season.


You will be advised of the Scholarship Committee’s decision 3-4 weeks after your submission.



  1. A copy of a T1 (Income Tax Return) for each parent or guardian for 2020; AND

  2. A Notice of Assessment from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency in respect of each parent or guardian’s 2020 T1 return.


  1. A copy of a form 1040 (sections A, B, C, and D) tax return for 2020 (including all supporting schedules) for each parent or guardian;

  2. For each parent or guardian, all W-2 forms for 2020 OR all 1099 forms for 2020. If you are self-employed; and c.other applicable tax returns and related K-1 forms if either parent or guardian is a principal in a professional corporation or partnership.


  1. Please submit your annual 2020 government tax documentation, to corroborate your annual income.


Step 1: Create an account at

Step 2: Follow the steps to confirm your email and create a new password.

Step 3: There are 4 steps to complete your camp scholarship application (Individual Profile, Dependent Info, Financial Profile and Camp Application).

Step 4: Once you submit your application, Camp’s scholarship committee will make a decision about your scholarship approval and will be in touch with you directly.

Step 5: If you have technical questions about the website you may email Please reach out to us with any additional questions.

We acknowledge that the application (as in previous years) requires families to disclose sensitive personal and confidential information. It is important for you to know that we continue to take seriously the role of being custodians of your personal and confidential information.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mitch Small, Director of Finance and Operations: