At Camp Ramah in Canada, our hearts in the east as we stand in unwavering solidarity and prayer for the State of Israel, and the protection of our Ramah family in combat and at home.

What we know to be true is that when we come together as a kehila (community), we are able to offer comfort and to be comforted. The Camp Ramah in Canada community is vibrant and strong, and we will share opportunities to tap into that resilience to show up for Israel and for each other.

Below we share information about how to connect with us, how to help and contribute, and how to support our children.

Additional resources to be added can be sent to [email protected]

You can also find more donation links, online community events, and resources on the National Ramah Website:

Ramah Resources: Connecting, Contributing, and Comforting

How to Connect

We want to extend an offer to speak with any of our team should you need a listening ear or a comforting, familiar face.

Reach out to our Co-Director, Aviva at [email protected] or our Co-Director, Yitzi at [email protected].

Reach out to our Community Care Manager, Naomi at [email protected].

Reach out to our Tikvah Director, Adam at [email protected].

Reach out to one of our Ramah Rabbinical students, Lara at [email protected]

Foundations close to our Ramah hearts

Crowd-sourced Donation Links

The following is a growing list of grassroots donation links provided by the Ramah community IN israel to send money directly to people on the ground, either to provide supplies and equipment for soldiers in reserve units, or support to communities devastated by Hama’s attack. Even the smallest donation can make a difference.


Adi Vital Kaploun Memorial fund. We mourn the loss of Adi Vital Kaploun, age 33, daughter of Jacqui Rivers Vital, alumna of Camp Ramah in Canada and a participant in the Mador leadership training program in 1972. In this interview with Anderson Cooper, Jacqui describes Adi as “a superstar…everything she touched was golden.” Adi’s family has immediately relocated to Jerusalem and needs significant funds to start rebuilding their life.

Jake Goodman Friends of the IDF. Fundraising for Friends Of The Israel Defense Forces

Supplies For Northern Israel 

These links are provided for your information and convenience, and are not connected with Camp Ramah in Canada. 

How to Support our children and teens

Our kids and teens are looking to us for cues for how to navigate and process what they are hearing, seeing, and feeling. We can support them by finding age-appropriate ways to open space for conversation and expression, by following their lead in answering questions, by limiting their exposure to videos and imagery, and by offering opportunities to come together and to act.

LISTEN How to Talk with Children About Israel – A recorded webinar from the Jewish Education Project

READ How to Talk to Kids About What’s Happening in Israel Right Now – An article by social scientist Sivan Zakai, Ph.D.

How to Talk to Children About the Conflict in Israel – An article by Rabbi Edythe Held Mencher, LCSW

Resources for Talking About Israel – An article by Dori Kirshner of Matan: Building Inclusive Communities

Talking to Your Kids about the Israel-Hamas War

How To Talk To Your Children About Anti-Semitism