2018 Dates & Rates

All fees are in Canadian Dollars.

Additional fee: HST – Harmonized Sales Tax (13%).

2 Important Changes For Summer 2018

Next summer (2018), Tisha B’av (“the ninth of Av”) falls on Sunday, July 22.

Tisha B’Av commemorates the anniversary of a number of disasters in Jewish history, including the destruction of both the First and Second Temple. The observance of the day includes five prohibitions, most notably a 25-hour fast. While an important educational day on the camp calendar, we recognize that it has significant implications for how we structure our 2018 summer.


VISITORS’ DAY will take place on Sunday, July 15, 2018 from 10:00am – 3:00 pm.
This will be the 3rd Sunday of camp, not the 4th Sunday (as many may be accustomed to).


FIRST SESSION will begin on Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 and end on Tuesday July 24th, 2018 (27 days).
SECOND SESSION will begin on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 and end on Thursday August 16th, 2018 (22 days). While there is no prohibition against traveling or packing on Tisha B’Av, we believe that this schedule will allow first session campers to have proper closure of their Ramah experience.
  • Full Session
  • $8,900/
    • Grades 3-10
    • June 27 – August 16

  • First Session
  • $5,800/ camper
    • Grades 3-8
    • June 27 – July 24

  • Second Session
  • $5,000/ camper
    • Grades 3-8
    • July 25 – August 16

  • Tikvah
  • $7,450/ camper
    • Ages 12-21
    • June 27 – August 5

Taste Opportunities

We recognize that different children are ready for the overnight camp experience at different ages. We offer a variety of “Taste” opportunities – shorter sessions that enable younger children to experience overnight camp in a way that suits them best. Whether our 10-day taste program for Grade 2, or our two-week adventure option for Grades 3 and 4, our first-time younger campers enjoy getting a taste of the Ramah experience.

Space for Taste Opportunities are filling up quickly!
Note: Campers are enrolled by the fall 2017 school grade.

  • Grade 3-4 Adventure
  • $3,300/ camper
    • Grades 3-4
    • July 25 – August 5

    Taking place late July until early August, these campers are part of Nitzanim (youngest unit), participating in all of the same activities as those friends attending for a complete session.

  • Grade 2 Taste Session 1
  • $2,300/ camper
    • Grade 2
    • June 27– July 8

    Shorashim program is designed to introduce campers to a variety of camp’s activities.

  • Grade 2 Taste Session 2
  • $2,300/ camper
    • Grade 2
    • August 5– August 16

    Shorashim program is designed to introduce campers to a variety of camp’s activities.

  • Grade 1 Mini-Taste Session
  • $0*/ camper
    • Grade 1
    • DATES: August 10 – 12

    Taking place during a weekend in August, our Mini- Taste program allows our younger campers to experience an incredible Shabbat at camp, sleeping in a cabin, and a variety of camp’s activities.

    *FREE – Sponsored by UJA’s Silber Family Centre for Jewish Learning ($50 deposit required – fully refundable at the end of the session).

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