Staff FAQ

Is working at camp a real job?

Camp is a place where you will learn how to work in a team environment, manage your time, be evaluated, create new programming for kids of all ages, and deeply influence the lives of others. The skills you learn at camp are unquantifiable and cannot be matched elsewhere. Our staff members are expected to spend the entire season at camp, including the week of training before the campers arrive.

What does a typical week look like for a staff member at camp?

Being a staff member at Camp is a full time job. Your focus and attention is on our campers and the camp program at all times. All of our staff, counselors and specialists alike (with the exception of senior staff and adults), sleep in camper cabins. The week begins on Sunday, and your days are spent attending programs with campers, planning activities and engaging in educational opportunities. After the evening program and the campers are asleep, while one staff member must remain in the cabin supervising the campers, the other staff will have time to participate in a variety of ongoing staff activities. Five times during the summer, you will be given a day off which begins after dinner and ends the following day before dinner. You are most welcome to leave camp and head to one of the neighboring towns or to Toronto. The week ends with Shabbat, which is a wonderful time to take a break from the schedule and engage in different kinds of programs and discussions with your campers and fellow staff.

Is there laundry at camp?

Yes, and it is easy to do. Each camper and staff member is given 1 laundry bag. Once a week, you drop off your bags at a specified location around camp and your bags are returned clean the next day!

Will I be the only new person on staff?

Every summer, in addition to many new North American staff members, Ramah brings more than 20 shlichim (Israeli emissaries), from Israel who make up our Mishlachat (Israeli staff). Additionally, there are generally around 50 first-year staff members who are brand new to the staff. While many grew up in camp, there are always more who are trying out Ramah for the first time.