In a few short weeks, your children will be arriving at the gates of camp to the smiling faces of their madrichim and fellow chanichim. That moment of anticipation of the summer that lies ahead is, for many campers, the culmination of a year of waiting to be back at their summer home. For many campers, it will be their very first journey through the gates of the machaneh. For all our campers, it represents a new summer and a new beginning. New beginnings hold wonderful excitement and promise, but they can also provoke feelings of worry about the unknown.


For parents of new campers, encourage your children to check out the Camp Ramah Website so that they are visually acquainted with the space and talk to them about the activities and the daily camp schedule. This can help new campers have a sense of what to anticipate, particularly in the first few days. It will also give them a chance to bring up any issues they are worried about so that together you can think through some possible strategies for any moments of sadness or other potential problems they are concerned about. Having these conversations in advance of camp helps new campers to feel prepared and in control. Above all, communicate to your children your firm belief and confidence that they will be successful. Remind them that there is a great support network available at camp and they should let their counsellors know how they are feeling. Our Camper Readiness resource offers even more tips on how to prepare your campers for this summer.


Please be sure to include your children in preparation and packing for camp. Give real thought to what is going in the bags and, perhaps more importantly, what is staying out of those bags. By involving them in the process they will be more comfortable and more likely to utilize what they have. Be sure to consult our 2024 Packing List.


Reminder: Camp Ramah in Canada is a SCREEN-FREE ENVIRONMENT FOR OUR CAMPERS. Please remember to leave cell/smart phones, iPods, iPads, laptops, and gaming devices of any kind at home. Campers are welcome to have devices that have no screens at camp for listening to music or taking pictures. To read more about this policy, please click here.


For this summer, we are allowing ebook devices as long as they are not enabled with wireless data connectivity.


If there are any issues, please expect a camp director or your child’s yoetzet to reach out directly to you.


During the summer, questions and issues do arise. As your yoatzot; we are here for you to facilitate home/camp communication. If you wish to speak to one of us, please call the camp office to leave a message or send an email. Our contact information is below.


We very much look forward to being with your kids in camp! Happy Packing!

2024 Yoatzot:

Rachael Greenberg, MSc., S-LP (C) 

[email protected]

Shorashim (Completing Grade 2 & 3)

Nitzanim (Completing Grade 3 & 4)

Naomi Dzaldov, MSW, RSW 

[email protected]

Arazim (completing Grade 5)

Jen Kaner Byrne, BA, B.ED

[email protected]

Kfirim (completing Grade 6)

Alonim (completing Grade 10)

Shana Brandes, BA, BScN

[email protected]

Tzirim (Completing Grade 7)

Magshimim (Completing Grade 9)

Danna Lieberman, BA, B.Ed

Nachshonim (completing Grade 8)

 Casey Green, BA, B.ED

& Adam Green, MSW, RSW

[email protected]

(all Tikvah campers)