Bunking Information at Camp

At camp, all campers live in a bunk, a tzrif. Over many years, we have learned that the tzrif is where some of the most valuable and long lasting friendships are created. We also know that, for campers and families, who everyone is going to be living with for the summer can be exciting and sometimes cause some worry. In almost all cases, no matter who a camper is placed with, they will have a great camp experience. 

As a camp, we have a responsibility to consider many things when creating each tzrif including creating a positive social environment for every camper, tzrif and edah. We must also be mindful of variables such as overall numbers and space, session length, integrating new and returning campers and campers from different hometowns, camper needs, mixing  and previous social dynamics. We ask for your cooperation and support with all of our tzrif placements and groupings. 

In addition, we also consider the Bunking Request Form found in your CampInTouch portal. When completing the Bunking Request Form, please consider the following: 

  • Although we ask for the names of 3 campers in the same grade and session, we can only honour one of those requests. 
  • There is no need to fill in 3 names if your child only has 1 or 2 friends they want to be with. 
  • If your child is new to camp or does not know anyone, we will place them in a tzrif that will be a great fit for them. They do not need to have any requests. 
  • Tzrifim change from year to year based on several circumstances. Campers may be placed with different campers than they were in previous years. 
  • In the rare case that you feel your camper should not be placed with a particular camper, please contact Naomi directly to discuss the situation. 
  • We are blessed to have many multiples in camp. As each family has its own approach to bunking their children, please speak with Naomi to discuss your family’s preferences. 
  • At times, campers will create a bunk request chain, there is no guarantee that this will be honoured and we may break up the chain in order to create the best dynamics for camp. 
  • If a family chooses to withdraw their camper based on their placement, we will not refund camp tuition. 

The Bunk Request Deadline is: April 28, 2024

We thank you in advance for your help with this process. Whether your camper is new or returning, we are confident they will build deep and lasting friendships each and every summer!