Medical Forms

If you have not yet completed your Medical/Hospital Authorization form and your Medical History Form, please do so ASAP.



Please Note: These forms are mandatory for your child to attend camp; children will not be permitted into camp without completed forms.

CampMinder Electronic Health Form

Please ensure that your child is up-to-date with their vaccinations, especially tetanus. Please ensure you review ALL information and update anything that has changed (OHIP info, medications, etc).


If you are having trouble filling out or submitting these forms, please contact the office as soon as possible:[email protected] or 416-789-2193.

Medication Vacation

We understand that some parents wish to give their child a “vacation” from their regular school-year dose of medication over the summer. Often, this is because camp is assumed to be a less stressful environment than school. While camp is a time for relaxed fun, campers (and staff) still require their executive function skills to manage successfully in the daily camp environment. This is an important decision, and an individual one. We ask that you discuss it with your physician before considering taking your child off medication for the summer. Please note that, in general, we do not support “medication holidays” at camp.


We will be conducting lice checks at camp for all staff and campers on the first day of camp.


Please make sure all dental work is completed prior to camp. Visiting the dentist during camp results in a disruption of your child’s program, and costs associated with any treatment will be charged to you.

Infirmary (The Marp)

Our infirmary is well staffed. There is always a doctor and a team of registered nurses in camp. To contact our Infirmary directly over the summer, please dial 416 789 2193 ext. 2507