As we have developed a better understanding of mental health and how it affects young people, our Camper Care Team has developed strategies and skills to support campers and staff when there are mental health concerns at camp. We ask that parents/guardians who are aware of mental health diagnoses or presentations share those with the Camper Care Team. This will allow us to work with your child’s staff to equip them with the skills that you will have shared work with your child and help to ensure everyone’s success. 

Throughout Staff Week, we share the importance of confidentiality with our staff. Here is what is says in our Staff Manual:

5.2 Confidentiality

Camp asks families to share personal and confidential information with us so that we may ensure the health and safety of chanichim and support them throughout the summer. That information then gets shared with Madrichim at Camp Ramah in Canada to help set them up for success in taking care of them. 

All madrichim must understand that all information is shared with them as part of their employment and for the purpose of providing the best experience for chanichim. The expectation is that this information will be protected and respected. It is privileged and confidential and as such, is not to be shared in any social context. 

If tzevet share privileged and confidential information with others (friends, family members, other campers) for whom it was not intended, it could result in the termination of the staff responsible.

Most campers with mental health concerns can be successfully supported at camp. However, there are times that we must recognize that Camp does not have the resources to support your child through the summer. These decisions are not made lightly, they are done in consultation with the Camper Care Team, including the doctor and/or nurse. When we need to make these decisions, we are looking out for the safety and well-being of all campers, recognizing that there are times throughout the summer when there is limited supervision, that campers and staff are living in a community setting and that our counsellors are young people themselves. If a decision is made that a camper cannot remain at camp, we will handle this with sensitivity and in consultation with the parents/guardians.