What Is Unique About

Camp Ramah?

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Tikvah Program

For over 20 years, Camp Ramah has offered an overnight summer camping experience for Jewish children ages 12-21 with special needs. Our goal is to provide these children with the same summer camp opportunities as children without disabilities, and to form a community where everyone learns the values of diversity, acceptance, and inclusion. For more information on our Tikvah Program, click here.

Scholarship Program

Camp Ramah is committed to serving a diverse population. We feel strongly that the Ramah experience should be made available to every family, regardless of their capacity to pay. We have a generous scholarship program and raise a significant amount of money each year in order to accommodate as many scholarship requests as possible. For more information on our Scholarship program, community incentives and to donate, click here.

Camper Care Program

Camp Ramah is different than many other camps in that we are grounded by a team of social workers who provide senior level support and care to our camper community. Our adult advisors are in regular contact with campers, staff, and parents, ensuring that communication is seamless and constructive. We have a well-equipped infirmary, two registered nurses, and a physician on site at all times. In case of an emergency, the local hospital is less than 20 minutes away. For more information contact Naomi Dzaldov, Parent Liaison at [email protected] or 416-789-2193 ext. 2134.

Taste Opportunities

We recognize that different children are ready for the overnight camp experience at different ages. We offer a variety of “Taste” opportunities – shorter sessions that enable younger children to experience overnight camp in a way that suits them best. Whether our 10-day taste program for Grade 2, or our two-week adventure option for Grades 3 and 4, our first-time younger campers enjoy getting a taste of the Ramah experience. For Taste Program dates & rates, click here.