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What do you do for Camp Ramah?

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What did you do before you worked at Camp Ramah?

I was a non practicing lawyer—worked as Dir. Of Admissions for Ramaz Upper School in NYC\

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is:

Patience (I have none).  If you want people to take ownership over something, let them be involved in the process and the outcome.  Patience.  (Yup. Twice)

The most magical thing about Camp Ramah in Canada is:

Shira, Shabbat, the agam Havdalah.  Being part of an inclusive jewish community. REALLY when you watch a camper realize that they did something they never thought they could do b/c they are so comfortable and at home. And when you watch a staff member realize the impact they have a camper.  And when years later, you see old campers and staff realize the enormity of Ramah’s impact on their jewish lives.